Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Coach Book Club! Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Sport coaches, mental performance coaches, strength coaches, athletic directors, and parents of athletes will get the most out of this community. 

You certainly can find a reading list and do it yourself. In fact, click here for a list of the books we have already read and plan to read. We encourage you to read all of them!

Many people read books and quickly forget what they read. We know that reading these books and discussing with other learners is enriching beyond compare. Sitting in Seminar with other growth-minded coaches and discussing the texts brings the insights of many consciousnesses to bear on the problems being discussed. We learn from each other, and our fellow team members sharpen our intellect.

We also find that people need the accountability that a group offers. It’s harder and harder every day to create regular meetings with like-minded individuals live and in person. People are too busy, don’t want to commit, and don’t have the time to host. Maybe most importantly, it can be challenging to find enough people in your circle who want to do such a thing. We find the people and do the organizing for you. We’ve created a community for you.

Finally, the membership fee puts some skin in the game. We sincerely want you to do this stuff. When things are free, most people take it for granted and don’t do anything with it. When you know you’re paying money to be a part of CBC, you’re more likely to actually do the program and not let your money go to waste.

Anytime! Whether it is the Mastermind or the Membership, you can join right now. 

New books are sent out at the beginning of every month, so if you join mid-month, order the book from amazon or borrow it from the library and jump in the discussion!

You are added to the private slack channel and will start receiving reading plans the follow Sunday. Email or direct message James in the Slack channel for any questions about where we are in the reading. 

You will receive weekly reminders about where we are in the text and any other announcements with things going on you may need to know.

All you will need is internet access with a device that can run our classroom software, a webcam (integrated is fine) and a microphone headset.

You can test your hardware by going to:

We suggest at least 18 years old. The discussions are by adults and as such may deal with adult themes that may not be appropriate for children. With that said, a parent can sign up for an account and do the readings with their children.

Absolutely! Being in a book club like this is not for every one. This is an opportunity to be held accountable for your growth and be intentional about the kind of coach you wish to be.

Reading, discussing, and sharing ideas among peers will help you develop your coaching philosophy and make you a better teacher. 

The books are cheap, but facilitating a community is not. Try it for three months. If it isn't for you, no worries, but at least you gave it a shot! 

Currently, no. But it’s something that we may offer in the future.

The membership is, but the mastermind is not. 

If you already own a book we are going to read, we still want to send you a new copy. You can do one of two things with it:

  1. Start over fresh. 
  2. Give it to a co-worker and challenge them to read it with you. 

We recommend the later over the former, because that could spark up some great conversation in your own department. 

We don’t provide ebooks.  We know that close reading requires us to write in our books. Underlining, making notes in the margin, writing in our questions, etc. help us get the most out of our readings.  So, we encourage reading hard copies of the texts.  

Secondly, providing texts for all of the myriad reader platforms is something we don’t have the ability to support.

Most months you will read about 200 pages.  You will never be asked to read more than 300 pages in a month.  We try to pace the reading so the average reader can keep up with 30 minutes, six times per week.

For more difficult texts, we slow the reading pace.

Yes, but we will stick to discussing the recommended reading.

There will be times when you are out of season and you have more time to read. Good! Please do it. And if you find a book that is a must-read for CBC members, please let us know!

The discussion is ongoing through the Slack app, but we will be meeting virtually online twice a month available for Mastermind Members to attend live.

As coaches, our week is usually very busy, so spending some time on the second and fourth Sunday evening of the month seems to work out the best for most coaches. 

If you miss, no worries! All discussions will be recorded and available for consumption after the completed, posted in the Slack channel and the in the Coach Book Club Archives.


Yes, and no. The membership fee stays the same whether you are sent two books in one month, or one book. Some books are thicker than others. We are more concerned with the quality of reading than the quantity of books we read. Expect to receive four books every three months. 

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